This experience is FULL of actual steps you can take to create more freedom in your life by creating an information product or service business online. I will not waste your time with theory or fluff.

It's time to build your freedom business. And there's a FREE bootcamp to help.

Hey there. I'm Regina. I love to write, teach, and create helpful business tools for people. And in this free bootcamp, we're getting into an amazing framework for creating a freedom business online. What do I mean? I want to show you how I created over five independent full-time income streams  using the Interwebs (without having to keep any inventory or work from a specific location).

The Freedom Business Bootcamp is a one-of-a-kind event. Just for you. Totally for free.

1 digital kit of downloads, lessons, and note-taking (yes, there's adult homework involved)


1 high-energy + action-packed online workshop you can watch from your couch

"But, where did this all come from and can it really help me?" you may be asking.

In about 30 - 60 seconds of reading/scanning time, I can give you a quick timeline and understanding of how I got started in all this and what I'm going to share with you in this bootcamp (which, did I mention, is a FREE online workshop and digital kit of downloads?!) that can absolutely change the way you earn income and change your lifestyle drastically.

You'll see what I mean. Let's begin.

But. I missed writing after a while.

So, then I started marketing my freelance writing services. In 2009 and 2010, I was writing tons and tons and tons of articles . . . about business, travel, and other various topics for multiple publications. I was earning over $2,000 some months and I literally thought I could never be happier in life.


In 2008 and 2009 I was blogging regularly--I created book reviews, I wrote fiction (mystery stories of course), and I wrote essays of sorts on various topics. I also blogged a lot about my writing trials + errors. But because I had studied business in school, and loved it so much, and because I'd been creating websites since I was 12, my blog started to lean towards how writers could create a website, business cards, and more for themselves.

Then I just created a freelance design business to do it for them. I was earning income from relationships I'd built through publishing consistent content. It was super weird and new to me.


Some of my writing has been featured in:

2010 through


I tried a LOT of stuff.

I started to design websites again (this time with a business partner so we could handle more work), I created wedding and event invitations, I did business consulting, I taught business classes in person, I started a magazine about life in Austin, Texas . . . and this is not even touching the cleaning business, organization business, consulting company, or t-shirt business I had before these years, or the second magazine (yes, in print), fitness business, or other projects I had after.

There was a lot. And not everything took off. And all of it took a lot of work. But some of it . . . the most difficult, most beautiful, most rewarding parts of it make up the crucial, life-changing times that have inspired the Freedom Business Bootcamp and my most recent book. Enter 2013.


In May of 2013, through a lot of guesswork and trial + error, I officially published my first print book. At the time, I was teaching business classes for adults at a local university. I would print tons of loose pages of my writing plus several checklists and bundle them all together in binders for my students. It was ridiculous. And I knew that publishing a book I could make available worldwide, but still sell to students in class was the best idea.

It took A LOT of work, but I was so proud of my finished work. Without a website to promote it, or an email list, or even really knowing if what I was doing was going to work or not, my first book started earning me a consistent income. It sold online for $25, I used it in three classes I taught in person, and it even began to be used by small colleges as a text book in their small business courses. Say what?! I didn't fully understand what I was doing to create these sales, but I figured it out and repeated it later . . . and now I get to share it with you.

Let's fast forward to April of 2014, with my first paid online course launch (for $1350 in profit) and to December of 2014, with my second paid online course launch ($17,000 in profit) and my second print book launch. 

I got much smarter with my second book. By this time, I had built a reputable, clean website ( to publish regular business advice from, and had grown my Instagram account following and email list to 1,600 people each. 

I decided to create a tool that I felt would directly and completely fill a need for most of the business and blogger ninjas that I was connecting with online. A business plan + editorial plan + calendar in one. Enter Epic Blog.

In it's first month, this self-published tool made $2934.91.

And here's the thing:

Through all of my massive mistakes, sleepless nights, and moments I thought life was over, some meaningful business successes found their way to the surface. And, they're not magical, unrepeatable results. They're a result of a way of viewing business, and a way of working for the people you serve with your business. They're a result of organization, and risk, and fun, and vision that almost anyone can create for themselves. And this bootcamp shares the HOW.

Over $2600 came from sales in the U.S., but the book was also selling in Europe--and I wasn't doing any shipping or handling.

I'm no magician, my ninja friend. It was the right tool at the right time, using some effective channels and promotion. And I've set up this FREE bootcamp so I can tell you about self-publishing, and creating courses, and more. There are tons of ways to sell your knowledge and skills online. It's about choosing something that fits you and the people you want to help.


How does the Freedom Business Bootcamp (#FreedomBizBootcamp) work?

Are you ready for the Freedom Business Bootcamp?

Workshop: Build Your Freedom Business

Before the workshop begins, I will send you a digital "kit" (basically, a set of downloads) that contains:

  • Actionable checklists relevant to our workshop topics


  • A quick homework assignment to complete before the workshop

  • Worksheets to take guided notes on during the workshop

Nope. There's no second step. That's all you have to do to access these amazing two hours of business training.

Register for FREE using the link at the bottom of this site. You'll get access to the 2-hour event, beautiful worksheets you can use to follow along during the workshop, and all 123 pages of epic slides, along with other resources.



The Kit: Downloads, Checklists, and More


What are we going to cover in the action-packed and ridiculously fun Freedom Business Bootcamp?

Psst--here is what the action-packed worksheets look like:

In this 2-hour event, we will cover:

  • The epic, overview framework for creating a profitable online business that matters to you and the people you help/serve

  • Why starting with passion makes great business sense and makes for a more sustainable business

  • How to identify, find, and engage with your ideal audience online; these simple exercises will blow your mind

  • The 2 types of "niches" you can choose and 4 styles of naming your business--these will make things SO clear for you

  • How to CREATE A MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT (in essence: the rough draft, outline, or "beta" version of your service, information, or product that allows you to launch)

  • How to MONETIZE YOUR PASSION in one of 7 major ways online (this will be the bulk of our workshop; it's AMAZING information that you can take immediate action on!)

  • The 4 epic content strategies (and 3 of them will surprise you, but they work, and I have examples to prove it) that really help you win online

  • How to build audience magnets (epic resources or content that attract the right people to your brand)

  • The 20 types of visuals and templates that will save you time and help grow your brand, wildly

  • Ideas for creating consistent, serious sales . . . as well as sensitive sales ideas for introverts

Psst, will you please consider sharing this free event with any friends or colleagues you have who want to change their lifestyle in 2017? I appreciate your help spreading this actionable content.

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Who is this bootcamp best for and who are you, Regina?

Hey, I'm Regina of

And because you asked: I like vegan tacos, yoga, kettlebells, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and tea. A lot. Also, I'm fond of hundreds of movies made between 1930 - 1950.

I started + grew my first freelance writing business and (separately) my freelance design and web shop on the nights and weekends, while working full-time jobs. It was rough but it was wonderful.

And I get it. Fighting for yourself, your freedom, your family, and your legacy as a weekend hustler is TOUGH. Even if you work for yourself full time, it can be overwhelming to keep up with everything when you don't have passive income or low-maintenance income in place.

I want to help. I want to make sure you are not alone, late at night, Googling endlessly for this information to no avail. My years of trial + error and helping others publish their own books, start freelancing, create online courses, and more is best shared as an actionable bootcamp with downloads that help you track along and do the work. And that's exactly what I've created for you. And the best part? The bootcamp is completely free for you.

The Freedom Business Bootcamp is best for you if you are a motivated part-time hustler, are interested in starting your first online business, or are currently working in a business that you feel is missing something key for you to really enjoy your new lifestyle. If you want to create a meaningful, helpful business and are experiencing a key frustration or pain point with your current business model, income structure, or lack of business model, this experience is for you. I hope to see you inside the bootcamp!